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Plants Games

Farmerama game

Rated: 85% Played: 2M Favs: 200

Good Game Big Farm game
Good Game Big Farm

Rated: 92% Played: 37K Favs: 38

Dora's Magical Garden game
Dora's Magical Garden

Rated: 90% Played: 3.8M Favs: 590

Plants VS Monsters game
Plants VS Monsters

Rated: 81% Played: 5.4K Favs: 2

Sue Gardening game
Sue Gardening

Rated: 88% Played: 2.4M Favs: 360

Fiona's Farm Center game
Fiona's Farm Center

Rated: 90% Played: 38K Favs: 13

Pea VS. Zombies game
Pea VS. Zombies

Rated: 88% Played: 66K Favs: 9

Beans vs Zombies game
Beans vs Zombies

Rated: 91% Played: 690K Favs: 25

Best Farm game
Best Farm

Rated: 89% Played: 380K Favs: 100

Farm Fun game
Farm Fun

Rated: 93% Played: 1.8M Favs: 610

Ranch Rush game
Ranch Rush

Rated: 91% Played: 470K Favs: 240

Un Apetit De Necrezut game
Un Apetit De Necrezut

Rated: 86% Played: 620K Favs: 110

Go Greener game
Go Greener

Rated: 81% Played: 2.1K Favs: 2

Plantasia game

Rated: 86% Played: 170K Favs: 61

Fruits Inc game
Fruits Inc

Rated: 91% Played: 230K Favs: 35

Garden Fun Game game
Garden Fun Game

Rated: 88% Played: 100K Favs: 16

Cactus McCoy game
Cactus McCoy

Rated: 88% Played: 78K Favs: 31

Go Go Plants 2 game
Go Go Plants 2

Rated: 88% Played: 920K Favs: 150

New Farmer game
New Farmer

Rated: 87% Played: 170K Favs: 95

Green Planet game
Green Planet

Rated: 83% Played: 27K Favs: 5

Fishdom Frosty Splash game
Fishdom Frosty Splash

Rated: 89% Played: 370K Favs: 110

My Wonderful Farm game
My Wonderful Farm

Rated: 89% Played: 930K Favs: 400

Sucka Bees game
Sucka Bees

Rated: 52% Played: 6.7K Favs: 0

Puzzle Lake game
Puzzle Lake

Rated: 63% Played: 4.3K Favs: 2

Bloom Defender game
Bloom Defender

Rated: 65% Played: 170K Favs: 48

Plants Hate Insect game
Plants Hate Insect

Rated: 65% Played: 73K Favs: 7

Jungle Juggernaut game
Jungle Juggernaut

Rated: 65% Played: 4.8K Favs: 0

Halloween Sugar Rush game
Halloween Sugar Rush

Rated: 69% Played: 14K Favs: 4

Laster game

Rated: 70% Played: 6.4K Favs: 0

Valuable Drops game
Valuable Drops

Rated: 71% Played: 9.6K Favs: 1

3rd World Farmer game
3rd World Farmer

Rated: 73% Played: 8.8K Favs: 5

Earthbound game

Rated: 73% Played: 12K Favs: 0

Granny Strikes Back game
Granny Strikes Back

Rated: 76% Played: 7.8K Favs: 6

Tree Panic game
Tree Panic

Rated: 76% Played: 30K Favs: 1

Jeremy Bongstarr game
Jeremy Bongstarr

Rated: 76% Played: 18K Favs: 1

War in my Garden game
War in my Garden

Rated: 77% Played: 13K Favs: 2

Monsters Ate My Neighbors game
Monsters Ate My Neighbors

Rated: 77% Played: 35K Favs: 2

Pumpkin Patch Blast game
Pumpkin Patch Blast

Rated: 78% Played: 23K Favs: 1

Flower Rescue game
Flower Rescue

Rated: 78% Played: 13K Favs: 0

Green Protector game
Green Protector

Rated: 79% Played: 12K Favs: 3

Flower Nourishing game
Flower Nourishing

Rated: 79% Played: 27K Favs: 3

Symbiosis game

Rated: 80% Played: 670 Favs: 0

Mary's Sprinkler game
Mary's Sprinkler

Rated: 80% Played: 18K Favs: 2

Friendship Garden game
Friendship Garden

Rated: 80% Played: 19K Favs: 3

Plant Your Day game
Plant Your Day

Rated: 81% Played: 2.2K Favs: 0

Rise Of The Plants game
Rise Of The Plants

Rated: 81% Played: 1.4K Favs: 0

The Little Tree Spirit game
The Little Tree Spirit

Rated: 81% Played: 650 Favs: 0

Seeds game

Rated: 81% Played: 720 Favs: 0

Jardinoo game

Rated: 81% Played: 110K Favs: 20

Bud game

Rated: 82% Played: 28K Favs: 5

Happy Gardener game
Happy Gardener

Rated: 82% Played: 490K Favs: 23

Save the Plant game
Save the Plant

Rated: 82% Played: 41K Favs: 11

Avatar Earth Healers game
Avatar Earth Healers

Rated: 82% Played: 64K Favs: 18

Bean Fiend game
Bean Fiend

Rated: 82% Played: 23K Favs: 6

Pest Beat game
Pest Beat

Rated: 82% Played: 23K Favs: 4

Happy Watermelon Farm game
Happy Watermelon Farm

Rated: 82% Played: 19K Favs: 3

Tiny Grow game
Tiny Grow

Rated: 83% Played: 210K Favs: 110

Farmland game

Rated: 83% Played: 130K Favs: 44

Happy Gardner 2 game
Happy Gardner 2

Rated: 83% Played: 20K Favs: 8

Revert to Growth game
Revert to Growth

Rated: 83% Played: 49K Favs: 17

The Big Green Thumbuddy game
The Big Green Thumbuddy

Rated: 83% Played: 17K Favs: 1

Growing for Life game
Growing for Life

Rated: 83% Played: 160K Favs: 22

Go Flower Grow game
Go Flower Grow

Rated: 83% Played: 420K Favs: 50

Eliza's Garden Centre game
Eliza's Garden Centre

Rated: 84% Played: 1.2K Favs: 2

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