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Symbolica game

Rated: 81% Played: 980 Favs: 0

Turkey Tumble game
Turkey Tumble

Rated: 81% Played: 820 Favs: 0

Flatty Bird game
Flatty Bird

Rated: 81% Played: 110K Favs: 15

Musical Bubble game
Musical Bubble

Rated: 82% Played: 3K Favs: 0

The Battle Card Game game
The Battle Card Game

Rated: 82% Played: 750 Favs: 1

Arranje That game
Arranje That

Rated: 82% Played: 1.6K Favs: 2

Tower Defense Fish Attack game
Tower Defense Fish Attack

Rated: 82% Played: 1.1K Favs: 0


Rated: 82% Played: 1.4K Favs: 2

Slime Volley game
Slime Volley

Rated: 82% Played: 17K Favs: 1

Octopus Blast game
Octopus Blast

Rated: 82% Played: 1.7K Favs: 1

Z-Type game

Rated: 82% Played: 830 Favs: 1


Rated: 82% Played: 710 Favs: 2

Crystal Galaxy game
Crystal Galaxy

Rated: 82% Played: 440 Favs: 1

Kissing at the Movies game
Kissing at the Movies

Rated: 82% Played: 340K Favs: 13

Vector Runner Remix game
Vector Runner Remix

Rated: 82% Played: 7.8K Favs: 0

My Winter Style game
My Winter Style

Rated: 83% Played: 3.9K Favs: 0

Retaliation Path of War game
Retaliation Path of War

Rated: 83% Played: 810 Favs: 0

RollZies game

Rated: 83% Played: 1.2K Favs: 0

New York City Plumber game
New York City Plumber

Rated: 83% Played: 1.3K Favs: 1

Vibrant Recycling game
Vibrant Recycling

Rated: 83% Played: 1.9K Favs: 0

Cardcentration game

Rated: 83% Played: 1.2K Favs: 0

Idle God 3 game
Idle God 3

Rated: 83% Played: 1.8K Favs: 0

Fairy Make Up game
Fairy Make Up

Rated: 83% Played: 1.2K Favs: 0

Ocean Implosion game
Ocean Implosion

Rated: 83% Played: 2.4K Favs: 0

Animal Baby Bubbles game
Animal Baby Bubbles

Rated: 83% Played: 1.9K Favs: 0

Genius Memory game
Genius Memory

Rated: 83% Played: 760 Favs: 1

Doner kebab game
Doner kebab

Rated: 83% Played: 64K Favs: 11

Café Paris game
Café Paris

Rated: 83% Played: 46K Favs: 22

Strandead game

Rated: 83% Played: 1.3K Favs: 2

The Cheapskates game
The Cheapskates

Rated: 83% Played: 1.6K Favs: 0

Mars Lander game
Mars Lander

Rated: 83% Played: 1.8K Favs: 0

Route'N'About game

Rated: 83% Played: 3.3K Favs: 1

Missing Magician game
Missing Magician

Rated: 83% Played: 10K Favs: 0

Quick Play Klondike game
Quick Play Klondike

Rated: 83% Played: 3.1K Favs: 1

Bubble Ghost Invaders game
Bubble Ghost Invaders

Rated: 84% Played: 490 Favs: 0

Captain Rogers Defense game
Captain Rogers Defense

Rated: 84% Played: 1.5K Favs: 0

Pony Fly In A Fantasy World game
Pony Fly In A Fantasy World

Rated: 84% Played: 2.2K Favs: 0

Dragon Dash game
Dragon Dash

Rated: 84% Played: 1.6K Favs: 0

The Hangman Game Scrawls game
The Hangman Game Scrawls

Rated: 84% Played: 2K Favs: 3

Water Blast game
Water Blast

Rated: 84% Played: 610 Favs: 0

Blocks Mania game
Blocks Mania

Rated: 84% Played: 860 Favs: 1

Drive Jive game
Drive Jive

Rated: 84% Played: 890 Favs: 0

Black Gold Plumber game
Black Gold Plumber

Rated: 84% Played: 910 Favs: 0

Billy The Kid game
Billy The Kid

Rated: 84% Played: 1.3K Favs: 0

Words with Owl game
Words with Owl

Rated: 84% Played: 7.7K Favs: 4

Run-n-Bun game

Rated: 85% Played: 2K Favs: 2

Sheep Party game
Sheep Party

Rated: 85% Played: 400 Favs: 1

Waste Invaders game
Waste Invaders

Rated: 85% Played: 1.4K Favs: 0

SPACE SHOOTER Playtouch game

Rated: 85% Played: 960 Favs: 2

Flower Blast game
Flower Blast

Rated: 85% Played: 340 Favs: 1

Forest Jump game
Forest Jump

Rated: 85% Played: 1.6K Favs: 0

Magic Monsters game
Magic Monsters

Rated: 85% Played: 2.5K Favs: 0

Stickman School Run game
Stickman School Run

Rated: 85% Played: 31K Favs: 13

Candy Land game
Candy Land

Rated: 85% Played: 29K Favs: 5

Thunder Devil game
Thunder Devil

Rated: 85% Played: 8.4K Favs: 2

MahJong Deluxe 2 game
MahJong Deluxe 2

Rated: 85% Played: 5K Favs: 4

Blackjack City game
Blackjack City

Rated: 85% Played: 2.7K Favs: 1

Battle Fish game
Battle Fish

Rated: 85% Played: 1.7K Favs: 0

Planet Defense game
Planet Defense

Rated: 85% Played: 2.2K Favs: 0

Maya Brick Breaker game
Maya Brick Breaker

Rated: 85% Played: 1.5K Favs: 1

Pop Pop Rush game
Pop Pop Rush

Rated: 85% Played: 17K Favs: 4

Dracula Quest game
Dracula Quest

Rated: 86% Played: 3.4K Favs: 2

Aim Point Pool game
Aim Point Pool

Rated: 86% Played: 29K Favs: 2

Club Sandwich game
Club Sandwich

Rated: 86% Played: 31K Favs: 15

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